'American Sniper' has just given this author a 600% sales boost

After a record opening for 'American Sniper' Nicholas Irving is getting a huge sales boost for his new memoir, a first-hand account of his career as a sniper with 33 confirmed kills.

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America's admiration of its military achievements and the success of 'American Sniper' has given 'The Reaper' a huge pre-release boost before it officially comes out at the end of the month.

The Reaper reveals the true story of Nicholas Irving's military career in the 3rd Ranger Battalion which includes his accounts of engaging insurgents in Afghanistan and his face-off with a notorious sniper nicknamed 'The Chechnian'.

The Special Ops sniper was the first African-American to join the 3rd Ranger Battalion, and got involved in more than a hundred missions in the Helmand Province alone.

American Sniper breaks records

Will this be the next book to be adapted to film? Clint Eastwood has certainly received praise from U.S military personnel across the country for his adaptation of Chris Kyle's experiences.

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