'Adele has throat cancer' becomes trend

Singer Adele has been forced to cancel her remaining concerts this year and will undergo throat surgery due to a vocal chord hemorrhage.


Adele's Album Cover, Adele 21

The 23 year old singer has become a global phenomenon with a best selling album and several hits under her belt. Her voice, however, has not managed to sustain the relentless pressure of constant performing, and Adele will have to rest before she is expected to make a full recovery.

Rumours have begun spreading on twitter that she has an early stage of throat cancer. It is unclear at this time whether this is true or just a hoax started on the network. We can confirm that no official statement has been made regarding her current state of health.

This bad news for Adele is a difficult moment for the young star, but unfortunately, often rumours begin to circulate with speculation over the true cause. Let’s hope Adele makes a swift recovery and gets back on to the stage.

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