How should I go about contacting agencies for representation?

Actors looking for an agent

Whether you are established or just starting out, there are some general rules about applications to agencies. Big talent agencies like WMA and CAA will almost 100% refuse non-solicited applications from actors. These big agencies represent the A-list of the industry, and in order to be represented by them, they need to know your value in the marketplace. As crude as that sounds, your talent has a money value, and that's what an agent is looking for.

If you want to start out you can approach boutique or local agencies to get representation. You will need a resumé of a least a few productions, or theatre experience before an agent will take you on. Even if you do get representation, 9 times out of 10, agents will not prioritize their time around you as they are also representing a roster of other actors. In order to stand out, and get the best chance, you need to have something special. That's what agents want from unknown actors : Talent, ability, and a unique style.

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