15 year old youtube singer is a star in the making

Reality TV shows are hugely popular around the world, with millions of young people vying for the spotlight yet there are so many undiscovered talents that don't get that same chance. Meet Christine Joy AKA Ceej, a young 15-year-old aspiring artist who decided to pick up her guitar and sing along to her favourite songs on youtube. Although undiscovered by the music industry to date, her vocal range, charisma and energy is incredible and will impress big labels looking to sign new singers. CeeJ recently covered American boy by Kanye West and Estelle.

Interview with Ceej

Iain: When did you start singing?

CeeJ: Well, I've been singing since...hmm..maybe since I was about 2 or 3. My parents would always tell me stories about how when we'd go on long car trips when we'd roadtrip when I was younger, I'd be singing song after song after song! And the car ride was a couple hours long. So, I've loved singing for a while I guess you could say.

Iain: Did you learn the guitar by yourself?

CeeJ: Yes! I have taught myself guitar for about two years on and off. Whenever I'm bored or have some spare time, I'll go ahead and pick up my guitar (which I got from my aunt in Aubu Dabi when I went to the Philippines about five years ago) and I'll teach myself something new. It's amazing how much music you can learn off of the internet nowadays!

Iain: What are you musical influences and is there someone you really admire?

CeeJ: Well, I really admire any artist that writes their own music, especially when it's good music. Because its like, when you hear a good song, but you find out they wrote it, that's pretty incredible to me. I mean, anyone can write a song, but if you write the song AND its good, that's just a plus! Umm..some of my musical influences include...hmm that's a tough one to narrow down, because my influences are constantly changing..Well, one artist I really admire is Hayley Williams from Paramore. That girl has an amaaaazing voice.

Iain: Do you have a favourite youtube artist?

CeeJ: I don't think I have a favorite, but Justin Bieber's songs are pretty catchy. He's cute & he's been on the rise lately! Congrats to him.

Iain: If you could sing a duet with anyone who would it be with?

CeeJ: Well, after answering that last question, I wanna say Justin Bieber. hahaha, but I think to do a duet with lady gaga would be awesome.

Iain: Do you have any dreams and aspirations?

CeeJ: Other than singing, I really want to be a doctor and someday maybe even start a foundation/charity for the deaf and mute. It's always been one of those underlying goals of mine that i'll hopefully accomplish sometime in my future, but anyway, I'm thankful for whatever God leads me to.

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