12 year old golf Ambassador takes on Japanese CEOs

Lil Jordan at 12 years old is a rising figure in the sporting world as the Ambassador of Junior Golf, and he is also taking his talents in different directions with music and film.

The Ambassador of Junior Golf and Hip Hop has been seen on FOX's Best Damn Sports Show Period, CNN, Nickelodeon, Golf Week, The Golf Channel, and others. Jordan has brought star power to ESPN, The Jimmy V Foundation, Michael Irvin, Dennis Quaid, Miami Heat the Salvation Army, Deal or No Deal and many more. Lil Jordan is often compared to Tiger Woods because of his looks and golfing skills. His music has also been recognized by XXL Magazine (July 2007) and Asian Week (Cover February 2007).

Jordan recently became the Official Ambassador of the Pacific Association which is hosting this years USATF Junior Olympics track and field championship. Jordan will be launching his inspirational song Push keep going at the opening ceremonies in Sacramento, CA for the USATF Junior Olympic National Track and field Championship games to kick off the Greatest Competition Ever. Jordan Eugenio is challenging his peers to do something to support change in their neighborhoods by using their free time this summer to do community service.

Jordan has also been cast to co-star in a feature film currently titled "Mad Dash" with producer Ed Elbert (Martian Child and Anna and the King) not to mention being asked to film on a cooking show called "French Kitchen" and a new golf channel called "Pure Golf Network". On the web, Jordan will also be the host of an online sports networking site called Make It Pro.

Discover Lil Jordan's mindset and advice for other young talents wishing to pursue a successful career. Exclusive to Film Industry Network

Interview with Lil Jordan

Iain: What inspired you to become a golfer and how often do you practice?

Lil Jordan: My dad taught me golf at age 2 and of course I loved to watch Tiger Woods.   I only practice twice a week during basketball season but I have to practice five days a week now to get to be the best.

Iain: Being compared to the next Tiger Woods must be exciting. Do you think you can take it to the next level?

Lil Jordan: Everyone says I look like Tigers Woods when he was young. They say if they make a Tiger Woods movie, I could play him when he was a kid. I can take it to the next level only if I dedicate myself to the work and never give up.

Iain: If you could play anyone on the golf course, who would it be?

Lil Jordan: I would love to play golf with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Will Smith in my foursome.   I actually taught the actor Tyrese Gibson and UFC Fighter Anthony Johnson how to play golf. I have played golf with a lot of great athletes. My favorite one was Barry Sanders.

Iain: How has music made an impact on your life, and does it help you express how you feel?

Lil Jordan: Music is something that I didn't know I had until I did a song for my brother who has down syndrome.   I love to rap and show everyone that anyone can do things if they believe in themselves.

Iain: How would you like other kids your age to help each other in their communities?

Lil Jordan: Kids that are great athletes should be great people. They can teach a lot of kids how to be nice and respect people. They must be a great student. I don't think any kid should get grades less than a 3.0.

Iain: Do you have any advice for young people looking to achieve success in what they do?

Lil Jordan: My advice to young kids is be a leader and not a follower. I know they can get great grades if they study and stay focused. Don't blame the teacher and say you do not like the teacher, this is an excuse. Hang around friends that care about school and their future. Have goals and learn how to win but also learn how to lose. I have lost a lot of golf tournaments by one shot and I stick around to congratulate the winner. It's tough to lose but it makes me work harder.

Iain: What are your thoughts regarding the "Greatest Competition Ever"? Do you think it will teach children compassion?

Lil Jordan: The Greatest Competition Ever is going to be a great event. I never ran track but I know everyone one of them have worked hard to get to the finals. Congratulations to all of them for making it and all of you are winners. If you don't win, never give up. Don't put yourself down and keep working at it. I hope that kids find and make friends with kids from different states and backgrounds. I have met a lot of kids around the world playing in World Championship Golf events. We keep in touch and look forward to compete again with each other.

My advice is everyone who made it understands the hard work. They must remember that life is not a race but a marathon. Enjoy the week and make new friends.

Iain: What projects are you working on and do you have any dreams that you want fulfill as a hip-hop artist, a golfer and an actor?

Lil Jordan: I love to play AAU Basketball with my team and we finally qualified to make it to the Nationals.   We worked hard for three years and finally did it. The disappointment was we are not going because of money. I know kids might not be able to compete in the Greatest Competition but please stay focused and never give up.

I have completed my school year this year with 6 As and 1 B while competing in AAU Basketball and competing in Golf. I also have been recording new songs and working on entertainment projects. My life is busy but I have parents who teach me that nothing comes easy in life. There are going to be so many disappointments and a lot of happiness but you have to balance them. I have to hang around people who want me to succeed and to keep pushing me.

I want to make it on the PGA Tour and to be a successful actor. People say to focus on one sport and I say, "I am 12 years old and enjoying my life. I want to play basketball, golf, do music, act, and go to the movies. I am going to do it all."

This is America where all dreams are possible.   Anything is possible, just ask President Obama.

Thank you for the interview. Lil Jordan

Lil Jordan Projects

Lil Jordan is currently filming a TV show in Japan for Fox entertainment, which will show him taking on Japanese CEOs with his golfing skills. He will also get a chance to show off his musical talent at a charity event for US soldiers and aspires to be the 'Justin Bieber' of Hip Hop. Big artists have taken note of his talents, wishing to collaborate with him to take him to the next level as he becomes a teenager in September.

To find out more about Lil Jordan log on to www.liljordan.com

How to contact Lil Jordan : [email protected]

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