1000 moviegoers watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse melt onscreen

OMAHA, USA - A premiere screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse went horribly wrong when the film melted, angering fans that had waited for hours to see the highly anticipated sequel.

The AMC Oak View 24 theatre in Omaha was packed when the film began to melt due to a very rare occurrence called a brain wrap . The movie was being screened through an interlocking process where a single print is shown in more than one projector. As the film began to roll, it got wrapped too tightly causing the print to melt. Despite the inconvenience, customers were refunded with vouchers or coupons to watch the next available screening.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse , the third installment in the franchise, has broken box office records, earning $30 million dollars in over 4000 theatres overnight. The release was the largest ever in North America, and beats the previous record holder The Twilight Saga : New Moon .

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