10 things people do after they attend Cannes

Back from Cannes yet? It's been a great year for the festival. Quentin Tarantino did his Dance, Lars Von Trier didn't refer to Hitler or porn, Nicole Kidman got shunned by the Prince of Monaco, and an army of tanks invaded the Croisette.

But what is it that people mostly do after they attended the Cannes Film Festival? This is the list of to-dos that some of you have probably already completed:

1. Boast about walking the red carpet

Yep, there is nothing cooler than walking the world's most famous red carpet and getting tickets for a movie premiere.

2. Name drop every celeb they saw

Of course this has to be written down. This is an incredible achievement. The more on the list the better and more epic the trip sounds.

3. Give back that rented tuxedo, forever

Yep, never going to use that one again. Tuxedos somehow don't belong in normal life, except when on the set of a James Bond movie or walking another red carpet.

4. Show off their Cannes bag

Can't forget that cool Cannes bag can we? There is no other design like it. Of course it will be discarded in about 2 days, but that 48 hour period of showing it to friends and family is vital.

5. Plan for the next Cannes Film Festival already + announce it

Yep, no need to wait till 2015. That announcement is made practically after getting in the front door, on Twitter and Facebook. Oh and an Instagram picture with the comments "I'll be back."

6. Moan about the French who went on strike

Every year they do it, and it must be complained about. The French. Oh la la.

7. Upload hundreds of selfies of them in Cannes

This is vital in proving to the world that attending Cannes was life-changing. It happened. There's no way it can't be promoted.

8. Toss a bunch of business cards into a corner and forget them

Totally forgot who those people were? Half of them were smashed after the 6pm cocktail anyway. Not even sure where to put those cards.

9. Consider moving to France

Moving to France is now top of the agenda, except reflecting on Step 6 kind of just erased that idea.

10. Talk about all the parties they crashed

All those celebrity parties and that one where you ended up on Paul Allen's boat. That's absolutely worth telling the world about. Never will you see two helicopters and so many A-listers on a boat in one place again!

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