‪White House silent after 300,000 sign Justin Bieber petitions‬

Bieber petitions continue

‪There are currently 6 Justin Bieber petitions demanding action numbering more than 300,000 signatures yet the White House has made no statement on its website. ‬

‪With over 293,000 people in two separate petitions demanding that Justin Bieber be deported from the US, we have yet to hear any concrete response despite the fact that a petition with more than 100,000 should get a formal review and reply on the website : We The People. ‬

‪However we can't rule out at this stage that there won't be, but the silence is odd given that there are 3x the volume of people making Justin Bieber petitions and the issue has been highly debated.‬

‪There are some Justin Bieber fans however who have petitioned against the other 'Deport Justin' petitions, but they have only a small margin of votes compared to the overwhelming numbers that want Bieber's green card revoked. ‬

‪The young singer has faced numerous difficulties in recent weeks after several controversial incidents became global news. ‬

‪We will see whether anyone considers the Bieber petitioners serious or not but after such a huge response, it can't just be forgotten about can it? ‬

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