Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman makes Soviet New Year film

MOSCOW, Russia - hot spy Anna Chapman stars in a short parody of a soviet film that has been released to bring love to Russian couples.

The spy, who was extradited from the US after having her cover blown has turned into a media icon and   is much loved by her mysterious past and bright future.

She is seen as the Russian Femme Fatale, the female James Bond, and a symbol of Russian democracy in the 21st century. The timing of the short film also comes at a time when US-Russian relations are warming up, despite the spy scandal.

While US Vice President was sad to see Chapman go, the humorous comments he made about her have given Chapman a spotlight not before seen on a Russian spy.

Short soviet film starring Anna Chapman

Aired on state run Channel One , for the 2011 New Year Gala, Chapman stars as herself when she meets Maxim Isayev, a fictional undercover hero much admired in Russia. The short runs for 3 mins in B & W:

(video missing)

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