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UK Arthouse Thriller 'Palindrome' Secures North American Release


© Marcus Flemmings

London’s own Marcus Flemmings' Palindrome was acquired for North American streaming and theatrical release by Freedom Cinema LLC. The deal was helmed by Princeton Holt, Hewes Pictures’ Head of Sales and Acquisitions on behalf of the film. 

The daring, thought-provoking drama surrounds a struggling queer British artist who witnesses an unfortunate event that propels her to stardom. The film festival hit features an ensemble cast that includes Tábata Cerezo, Hester Ruoff, Shauna Ridgard, Sarah Swain, Karishma Bhandari, Jody Larcombe and more. 

Regarding the film’s release, director Flemmings noted that "The conception of ‘Palindrome’ was something that felt strangely organic. It was born out of the collapse of another project I had been working on for 2 years. The birth of the film itself into the universe has been a magnificent journey - which I am extremely proud of and I hugely thank Hewes Pictures for championing the film. Their vision to see the potential in the project has propelled it to another plateau."

Palindrome Trailer

Palindrome is set to be released in both select theaters and streaming platforms beginning on Black Friday, November 27th. 

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