The Academy releases new visual identity

Academy logo is re-vamped

The Academy has announced the launch of a new logo that will represent their visual identity through an 'A' shaped triangle, along with the Oscar statuette, as a symbol contained within.

"Imagination is the spark that ignites the creative process and the fuel that drives our industry forward. It's what we celebrate, what we recognize, what we elevate and what we empower.

And in today's world of boundless creativity where anyone can be a creator, there is a growing gap between quantity and quality. This cultural shift has resulted in a need for more guidance, a need to determine what is significant and what matters, a need for curation.

The Academy is that curator. Our passion and film expertise enable us to lead the industry into a bright future of creativity, growth, and development fuelled by our extensive programs, exhibits, technological advances, awards and preservation efforts.

We set the standard of excellence in motion pictures and elevate the art and science of film to inspire imaginations and connect the world."

New logo


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