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Short film ‘Finding Wilson’ seeks to raise awareness of mental health in young adults and PTSD

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Short film ‘Finding Wilson’ is highlighting the impact of PTSD mental health in young adults and PTSD globally.

Produced by Tristan Loraine of Fact Not Fiction Films and directed by Emily Smith, ‘Finding Wilson’ brings together upcoming star Darcy Jacobs alongside Rhea Bailey, and tells the story of a young girl who’s life is changed forever when she meets a stranger in a secluded woodland. 

Following the success of hard-hitting documentary ‘A Dark Reflection’ that uncovered hidden conspiracy in the aviation industry, and previous short film release ‘Missing a Note’, producer Tristan Loraine’s latest outing will see the filmmaker tackling the alarming problem of mental health in young adults and PTSD, especially in former military personnel. In support of The Lucy Rayner Foundation – the short film is aiming to shed light on these important medical conditions, and how they affect tens of thousands of people, many of whom struggle with a lack of support.

‘Finding Wilson’ is set to screen at the upcoming North East International Film Festival this November, after being selected in its official lineup for 2022 alongside a number of independent films. It is also scheduled to play at the Horsham Film Festival later this year in the U.K., and the Sydney Women’s International Film Festival. More screenings are also scheduled for the new year.

Teaser for Finding Wilson

Film synopsis: It’s a picture perfect day as Jess, 15, walks unsteadily along a fallen tree trunk. Dog-lead in hand, she waits alone beneath the blue skies in a clearing deep in woodland. But when a stranger Nicky arrives, we slowly begin to sense that Jess’s life is as precariously balanced as her walk along the tree.

Finding Wilson’ is just the latest short from Fact Not Fiction Films. Among their previous film titles include ’Spitfire Sisters,’ ‘Shady Lady’ and the 2021 investigative documentary ‘American 965’.

Have you or someone you know suffered from PTSD or mental health issues?

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