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‘A Dark Reflection’ to Red Carpet on Flix Premiere


Marina Sirtis and Jo Bourne-Taylor

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their feature film ‘A Dark Reflection’ is set for a Red Carpet release on Flix Premiere on 8th December 2016.

Flix Premiere is the world's first online Cineplex, combining the movie theatre experience with on-demand availability. A Cinema in your pocket, where audiences can watch great movies they have never seen before, Anytime, Anywhere.

Flix Premiere CEO and Founder, Martin Warner stated:

"We are extremely excited about one of our latest additions to our UK Cineplex: ‘A Dark Reflection’. This film resembles the quality of content we continually look to display to our passionate moviegoer base. The team is very much looking forward to its premiere in the UK on December 8th."

The film, said to be Britain's biggest ever co-operative feature, is an investigative thriller, based on actual real events occurring globally today. The film tells the story of two British journalists (Georgina Sutcliffe and Rita Ramnani) that by chance, discover aviation's biggest cover-up. A serious in-flight incident not disclosed by JASP Airlines reveals a hidden truth. Their investigation soon seeks to prove passengers have been knowingly put at risk since the 1950s. When new airline CEO (Mark Dymond) discovers the darker side of the airline industry and its secret campaign of denial being withheld by airline owner (Nicholas Day), he is faced with the moral dilemma. Corporate profit or the public's safety? The film reveals facts that every airline passenger should watch before they next fly.

Producer and former British Airways airline captain, Tristan Loraine, stated:

“It’s so important that British audiences watch this film and discover an aspect of aviation they know little about. Thanks to Flix Premiere, audiences will be able fly better informed by watching this film. People deserve to know the truth about the air they breathe on aircraft.”


Georgina Sutcliffe, Rita Ramnani and Paul Anthony-Barber

The film was partly funded by pilot and flight attendant unions around the world, notably in the United Kingdom by the Aerotoxic Association and the British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association (BASSA).


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