To all filmmakers in Cannes : Reach out to the media

Every year there are hundreds of bloggers and journalists attending the Cannes Film Festival but a many of us will not think to even approach them.

Here lies the problem: A film needs visibility in the media, and often, indie filmmakers don't have the budget to promote their film beyond social, so the next best option is to reach out to the press to get additional coverage. This may seem daunting, but if people don't make that effort then they are wasting a big chance at getting recognized.

There are many journalists out there looking for stories on the ground and a simple conversation could land you in a major publication. Talking to bloggers or vloggers for that matter is a good first step to getting your work seen by a bigger audience. Of course, it may seem superficial at first to approach the media, but making a film requires risk taking as well, why not take the same attitude in this context?

All films require some form of promotion, and for attendees at this year's Cannes Film Festival who are lying on the beach, maybe being more proactive on the publicity side could be worth its weight in gold. There is a lot of competition in Cannes, thousands of films, actors and producers all vying for some piece of the action but the world is bigger than Cannes, and the media can really help you guys reach that audience.

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