Film industry secrets that are kept under wraps


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The movie industry is one of the biggest and most successful in the world. Billions of pounds and dollars get pumped into it every year. Granted, there's been a bit of a pause as of late, but that's just made everyone realize how much they miss the action on the big screen.

Speaking of which, there's a lot happening behind the screen that viewers are unaware of. This ranges from logistical issues to technical hacks, and everything in between. Today, we go through some film industry secrets that are usually kept under wraps.

Moviemakers often use different production crews for one film

Filming a movie is incredibly difficult, particularly when you have so many different locations to visit. This throws up a logistical nightmare for the people in charge as they have to organize transport to these different places. It gets even worse when filming abroad as there are immigration issues to worry about. If an actor from a foreign country needed to film in the UK, they would need to go through an OISC immigration solicitor to get a working visa. Now, imagine handling this with hundreds of people multiple times a year. As a result, many moviemakers hire local production teams to help film certain scenes. It's a lot easier than dealing with the visa hassle.

Food is rarely real food

Have you ever seen people sitting around a dinner table in a movie? They've got loads of food out in front of them, and the family looks like it's eating. If you look closely, you'll see that most actors never take a bite of food. Why? Because a lot of the food is fake! This is because you don't know how long a scene will take to film. You could be in the same position for a few hours, by which time any food would be cold and inedible. You'd also end up with loads of food waste, so most filmmakers use fake food instead.

Special effects remain a secret

A quick Google search will show you loads of articles and videos on special effects in movies. For the most part, a lot of these secrets have been revealed. However, the movie industry does its best to keep them a secret for as long as possible. Indeed, if a film comes out with some groundbreaking special effects, it will take years before the knowledge is made public. Why? Because the filmmakers don't want everyone to know about it! If you're the only one that can use these super awesome effects, it instantly makes your movies stand out from the crowd. So, don't be surprised if you can't find answers to how some of the best special effects came to be!

As you can imagine, there are tons of other secrets kept under wraps in the movie industry. It's one of the most secretive sectors on planet earth, which is quite shocking considering how many people are employed in it. Still, it's always interesting to take a look behind the scenes at a few things most filmmakers will never reveal.

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