The acting profession : What it has brought me

the-acting-professionAs an actor, you have to have longevity, resilience, passion, organization, and the true love of actually acting and portraying various characters, and making them truthful yet fascinating, and you somehow have to empathize with your character, and see life through the characters eyes, while also using your imagination, and using yourself, and your interpenetration of the role you are playing. As long as it fits the directors vision.

It's a wonderful profession to pursue, but keep in mind there are so many people vying for the part you are going for, so do your homework, know your lines,and undersand your character, while also knowing who the director is and what he has worked on, as well as the casting director, and if you can, send thank you notes to casting directors or directors once you have been given a role. And always thank you agent or manager for getting you in the door!!! I try to do all of the above, but sometimes am not as good as the administrative parts such as sending out postcards, and head shots and thank you cards. I actually really intend to, but my organization skills sometimes are lacking. Gotta work on that one!!

But when on set, I always try to thank the director for casting me, and I give it everything I have. This way I create a good reputation for myself, and casting directors and directors know they can count on me for a good performance!! I take pride in what I do, and am grateful to every casting director and director or producer who has taken a shot on my acting!! There are many!!!!!

Things are going well, and I intend on keeping it that way, including directing and starring in the new webseries I wrote called "Absolutely A-List"!!! To all my friends, and fans and fellow artists, continue to follow your dreams and don't sit back---make it happen!!!! Like Charles Bukowski speaks about in two of his poems, "What Matters Most Is How You Walk Through The Fire" and "Roll The Dice"!!!

Anyway, Just keep punching and your day will come!!!!!!! Thank you!!! Love Ya's!!!!

- Craig Zucchero

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