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Anarchists tied to feature film ‘Pregnant’ caused arson for the camera


Fabrizio Federico, the Enfant terrible filmmaker has issued a statement, stating that the two anarchist actors who starred in his new movie Pregnant were not instructed to start the major fire that burned down the Derby Assembly Rooms this year.

Federico, who has a reputation for demanding method acting and extreme performances has dismissed claims that the fire was filmed but he did not instruct any of his actors to perform arson:

“I want everyone to know that whoever started that fire needs to come forward and man up. I was lucky enough to survive a house fire when I was 5 years old, I was thrown from a top story window. So to say that I started a major fire which cost the city millions, in order to film a 5 minute sequence needs to have their heads checked because its horrible!"

The movie Pregnant, which deals with a lost generation of technology addicts has raised eyebrows with its radical horror theme and ideas of abandoning all technology and social media to join a mysterious desert Cult who despise modern technology similar to the Neo Luddists.


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