4 awesome skills to learn if you want your filmmaking career to take off

The definition of success may look like financial freedom, getting a script sold, or even finding work on a production but beyond the talent and the ability to deliver great filmmaking there are some additional skills required that most film schools don’t teach.

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These skills are not just vital for a successful filmmaking career, but in life as well. Being able to apply just these 4 skills at a professional level will provide you with big returns and help you with your business ambitions as well. Let’s look at them in detail:

Art of selling

Without this skill, it is impossible to succeed in any career let alone get to the next level in the film industry. Whether it’s picking up a phone to call someone you don’t know or getting a film producer to read your script, being able to sell is even more important than being able to work a camera. This fundamental skill is not taught in film schools and all the successful people in the entertainment business know how to communicate and sell their ideas. It might sound boring and unromantic to even think about this topic but it will determine the outcome of your career. Do you want to have the confidence to negotiate a deal with a film studio, be able to convince producers to invest in you or go the extra mile to secure that sponsorship?

Getting a movie deal with sales

We recommend you check out Grant Cardone’s online sales course, The 10X Rule Book and Sell or Be Sold. These will transform the way you connect with people and help you take your business and career to new heights.

Digital marketing & The Disney formula

No matter what kind of content you are creating, filmmakers need to be able to connect with their audiences and understand their motivations. What drives people to watch a film? What gets them to engage with you? How do you create a fan base for yourself and your company that can support your work today and in the future? All of these fundamental questions can be answered by understanding and mastering digital marketing. This isn’t just about the general topic of being able to write content online and promote. It’s also about the psychology of the fans, and being able to strategize the way you release your promotional materials to get your audience to connect with you.

The Disney magic.

Check out the Disney formula course to help you understand the business side of the entertainment industry. You can also take things a step further and launch your own products in the future with an online store. You might like to check out our in-depth guide on achieving this and earning more money from your Facebook fans.

Personal branding & PR

Today an online brand is your calling card and gateway to getting the right contacts into your network. Beyond the face-to-face meetings at film festivals and events, having a consistent online brand is becoming increasingly important. Film producers are also looking at social media followings before hiring actors as they look to leverage online communities. The game has changed, and because more and more films are being distributed online, having an established presence can greatly increase your chances at not only getting discovered but being able to get a meeting with people that are going to invest in you.

PR is also prevalent in the entertainment industry. If you take a closer look all the top writers, directors, and actors, they all have agents, publicists or talent managers that represent them. If you are unable to get one, don’t let this get in your way. It is possible to navigate this industry without one by establishing presence and influence with your personal brand. Start building it today to compliment your filmmaking ambitions. Show people what you can do, and give them an opportunity to connect with you.

"Overnight Success"

You might like to review this personal branding course by Gary Vaynerchuk who teaches self-awareness and helps people build their businesses and online brands. He has garnered the attention of millions and leverages his fan base to get sponsorship deals, speaking gigs, and much more. If you want to take a further look at PR check out this popular article that goes into further detail on the subject.

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Film Industry Network receives a commission when a product is purchased through affiliate links included in this article.

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