10 ways to make money with your film

10 ways to make money with your film

  • Sell DVDS/ Blu Rays of your film
  • Sell tickets to a screening of your film
  • Sell e-tickets to your film online
  • Package your film with another product.

Example: Your film is about how to use make up, include a makeup kit and add your profit margin

  • Sell e-books about making your film

How did you make your film? Would this interest your fans? Tell them how and use your website or screening events to tell them about your book.

  • Enter your film into cash prize competitions

There are many cash prize competitions out there. Here is one example

  • Sell your film to TV distributors

Check out our distribution section to help you sell your film

  • Seminars about filmmaking

Do you have in-depth knowledge about making films? Perhaps your local school, education center or film festival would be interested in having your speak.

  • Advertising/ product placement

Is your film about a guy who drinks lots of fizzy drinks? Find a sponsor or contact a local vendor who sells fizzy drinks to see if they would like a product featured in your movie.

  • Royalties

Negotiate royalties on net receipts/ DVD sales (if you are making your distributors some serious cash)

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10 ways to make money with your film

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