Which film school should I go to?

There are many film schools around the world that offer a variety of courses, but choosing which one can be difficult.

So you have finished you re A levels, International BAC, or equivalent and you want to go to film school but don t know which. The first question you should ask is why do I need to go to film school? Do you really want to work in film production, and is this a passion you have always had, or perhaps its something you might only be vaguely interested in?

Think about this because film schools are expensive, and fees can go up to £30000+ a year. Each film school has a reputation whether it's the NYFA, UCLA, AFI (USA), FAMU (Czech republic), NFTS (UK) or ESRA (France). They all have film degrees, courses and specialization, which help you learn the skills you need to work in the film industry.

What is really important is how you use your time at film school. Look at famous film school grads like Hollywood director Brett Ratner (graduated from NYFA) to get an understanding of how he, and others got their first jobs. Look at what you want out of it and what job you are expecting at the end. It is a very competitive and saturated industry, but with determination you can make it!

You may need to create an excellent film, get it into festivals or create an authentic animation masterpiece to get noticed, but you can do this, if you believe in yourself, so the choice is yours (and if you can afford it).

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