Tony Todd and Rae Dawn Chong are reunited in “The Raven”


The Raven reunites actors Tony Todd and Rae Dawn Chong in a film noir take on classic poems “The Raven”, “Annabel Lee” and “Lenore” by exalted poet Edgar Allan Poe, that is currently in production.

The project stars multiple-Emmy-winner Kristos Andrews (The Bay, Survive the Game), and Canadian star Victoria Baldesarra (The Next Step), in the lead roles of Guy De Vere and Annabel Lee Lenore, two of Poe’s most popular fictional characters.

The Raven also stars Emmy-winner Mike Manning (This is Us, The Call), Caleb Emery (Good Girls), Celeste Fianna (Fortress: Sniper’s Eye), Dante Aleksander (of the upcoming young adult series yA), and renowned film actress Rae Dawn Chong (American Crime Story, The Color Purple). Completing the cast is recognized horror icon Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination) as the messenger and conscience of “The Raven.”

With a 1940s post World War II setting, The Raven is a dark and tragic macabre love story. It’s written for the screen and directed by multiple-Emmy-award-winning director and producer Gregori J. Martin. Emmy-winning producer Precious V. Mayes is Executive Producer and also stars.

The project is owned by LANY Entertainment and She Mogul, in association with Digital Age and Lucky Mann Productions.

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