Xavier-RashidXavier Rashid, Managing Director Film Republic

"The Film Industry Network is one of the foremost resources for film professionals in Europe and around the world. Its awareness of the international film industry and festivals, complemented by its tongue in cheek coverage of mainstream film media makes it refreshing alternative in film news coverage."

Joshua-HardinJoshua Hardin, Composer

"In my opinion FilmIndustryNetwork UK is perhaps one of the most influential sources of current film news and reports in the United Kingdom. Iain Alexander’s aggressive, proactive and insightful approach to reporting “The Real” in the film and entertainment industries never ceases to impress me. Back in May 2012, Iain conducted an online interview with me, highlighting my music composing and visual art background and accomplishments. To date, I’ve seen a substantial increase in both actual business and client prospects, which I believe are the direct results from the online exposure that I received from Film Industry Network UK! Currently I am scoring the music and sound for an upcoming game release for a game development studio in Germany entitled “Runic Rampage”. Iain, I wish you and your staff at F.I.N. all the best, live long and prosper! Many thanks."

Severine-MelchiorreSéverine Melchiorre, Production Manager

"Hi everybody, I am a production manager in Paris. I would like to thank the Film Industry Network team for giving us so much information about the entertainment/cinema/TV/music universe that's useful to amateurs and professionals as well. FIN gives us, on both English and French versions of the site, the opportunity to learn about people's work and to widen one's network. This is the kind of tool we need to create and change the way of working: by sharing knowledge and skills."

Scott-FivelsonScott Fivelson, Writer/director, 'Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story'

"They know this industry the way James Braddock used to win a fight -- from the inside-out... 'Cinderella Man' allusion, Russell Crowe fans. And FIN knows this too."

Pierre-RinaldiPierre Rinaldi, Fashion Video director & Founder of Zapmode

"I've followed FIN since its creation so a lot of things are changed for the better. I think the layout is efficient, easy to navigate, and we can find a lot of information about things that are happening in the industry. I like the interviews section as I can discover people who work in the entertainment industry and that's what FIN is all about; Discovering, working, networking and sharing with pros so it's interesting to have their inputs.

I think it's a great source of information as well for its up to date news section, Iain has gathered a great editorial team to write the articles so we have different styles on different matters. Not only it provides tutorials but also people can look for jobs or create them. A special highlight on fun articles such as "5 reasons why..." To me it now becomes an international reference for pros and amateurs, thanks to it, I can be aware of different projects and get connected with people from all over the world. Keep up the good work FIN, the success of your website is an inspiration for our company and for myself."

Jesse-RosenblattJesse Rosenblatt, Entertainment Attorney

"Film Industry Network improves aspiring filmmakers' chances of breaking into the industry by providing insightful articles and how to's with the input of a wide range of experts. Plus, the news coverage on FIN can help you discover new talent, target future collaborators and stay up to speed with what's happening across the world in cinema."

Victoria-MatherVicky Mather, Animation Director

"Film Industry Network is a positive and great resource for new talent and film makers to shout about their work and share stories."

Martina-AmatiMartina Amati, BAFTA Winner for Best Short Film 2010 (I Do Air); BIFA Winner for Best British Short Film 2011 (Chalk) and second BAFTA Nomination in 2012 for Chalk.

"I discovered Film Industry Network when Iain first interviewed me about one of my short films. Since then Film Industry Network became a great platform where I had the chance to discuss and promote my short film projects."

CEEJCeeJ, Singer

"I can always count on Film Industry Network to be updated with the latest news of the entertainment industry. It makes it easy for anyone to be aware and interested in movies, television and music because Film Industry Network is able to cover it all so well."

Daniel-HaimDaniel Haim, Editor in Chief and Founder of Bloginity.com

"Film Industry Network is a fantastic portal for news and education within the film industry"

Teressa-RaifordTeressa Raiford, Business development specialist & Philanthropist

"FIN is not only an international social networking site for our industry it also promotes and highlights the humanity and contributions of those who inspire the films we love.  As entertainment professionals we shape the views and perceptions of those who watch and are affected by what we produce on the screen... In my opinion FINs unbiased articles provide a level arena for us to promote our individual conscious awareness.  Thank you for building your presence trendsetting with Integrity!"

Acim-VasicAcim Vasic, Director & Editor

"FIN is one of the most unique website for both the film fans and film makers, because it has a perfect balance between the entertainment, pop corn films and author cinema, fresh news, and very objective articles."

Luc-WalpothLuc Walpoth, Producer - Turbulence Films

"The Film Industry Network is a great resource for filmmakers all over the world. It helps you to stay connected through the latest news, provides tips to figure out how the industry works in different countries and offers you the possibility to share knowledge and meet professional crew members from new horizons."

yfi-africa-initiativeBen Mwangi, Founder - Y-FI Africa

"The Film Industry Network has given us the opportunity to tell our story to the world. Through it, I can connect and liaise with other film enthusiasts as we seek to take our project to the next level. Thank you FIN"

Ben-AdlerBen Adler, Assistant to Wes Anderson / American Empirical Pictures

"Film Industry Network is a great place to check out the latest industry news, watch informative video find others to connect with from the same field and stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of film from the US, UK and beyond." -

Terence-BulleyTerence Bulley, Cinematographer and director

"I find that Film Industry Network is constantly improving. The interviews with filmmakers are always interesting and give an insight to an evolving industry. Having been in the film industry for almost fifty years, I’ve been involved with several important vogues and milestones within our art; 
Around the early sixties, Kodak’s development of finer grain and sensitive film negative allowed us to film with available light and ‘La Nouvelle Vague’ and ‘cinema Vérité’ were born. Then, in the late seventies, the Music Video was born that brought on an incredibly exciting period of experimentation and development in every department of the film making process. The late eighties saw the onset of digital technology that transformed chroma key effects forever and started a whole new world of 3D animation. The nineties saw the birth of High Definition digital shooting and now with current progress in larger chip cameras, we are witnessing the demise of negative film. What an incredible journey this has been and still is!

This is an exciting time in movie making, in fact, it always has been. Filmmakers are getting younger and often it’s difficult to know where to get advice. Film Industry Network can be a valuable asset for people searching for information so that they know what others are doing. They can find current releases or advice on getting a short film off the ground or find distribution, or even legal advice on script pitches. - Keep up the great work Iain."

Bivas-AmbassadaBivas Ambasada, Writer & Filmmaker

"Film Industry Network has been supporting up and coming filmmakers for a while, they have certainly supported me since 2009 and have always offered to support me in the best ways. They support the independent movement sincerely and they have built up a solid network over the years. They have witnessed and supported my growth as a filmmaker from the start, that's why I love them and they will always have my support in return. Their website is very user friendly and simple, but always effective with the right balance of content."

Bartosz-KowalskiBartosz Kowalski, Director

"Film Industry Network has a great selection of articles and tips for people wanting to know more about film production."

Yobi-tvDianne Victor, CEO - Yobi TV

"FIN is the international TMZ for filmmakers and actors searching for the most up-to-date info on what's going on in the biz. The articles like "How to Create a Professional Film Reel" give great insight and advice to those who are looking to get the most out of their entertainment career. If you're not in the entertainment world and just want to know what movies are out or which celebrity is dominating in social media, then the "Latest News" section is made for you! I've known the Founder, Iain Alexander, for 5 years and have always been impressed by his knowledge of the industry around the globe."