Hewes Pictures launches EFM Market sales with directorial debuts – Exclusive

Hewes Pictures has acquired worldwide rights to several new films to be unveiled at EFM in Berlin next month. These include directorial debuts from up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world.

Around Robin” revolves around a young celebrity that receives a letter from a mysterious stalker and develops catalepsy, a condition that paralyzes her whenever she feels threatened. As more letters arrive, suspicion falls on members of her inner circle, all of whom are dangerously obsessed with her. The thriller mystery, a directorial debut from Peter Meech, won Best Mystery at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

The Canadian film “Portraits from a Fire” was also picked up by Hewes. The feature debut from Trevor Mack follows a teen as he spends his days recording and vlogging his Indigenous community and hanging out with his grandparents. That is until he meets an older, influential teenager who pushes him to show his latest work about his family to the community. ‘Portraits’ cleaned up at the Leo Awards, winning several awards including Best Direction, Score, and Cinematography. The film also won Best Director and Supporting Actor at the American Indian Film Festival, the BC Emerging Filmmaker award at Vancouver International Film Festival and Best Canadian Feature at the Edmonton International Film Festival.

Hewes has also gained the rights to Kenny Yates’ directorial debut thriller ReBroken, which focuses on a devastated father who receives recordings from a mysterious stranger that allow him to communicate with his recently deceased daughter. Featuring a fine performance from Tobin Bell of “Saw” franchise fame, as well as from others including Yates himself. The film was shot in the Burbank area of Los Angeles and will hit streaming platforms this March.

All three film acquisitions were negotiated by Hewes Pictures’ Acquisitions Executive Erin Sweeney and will receive releases in North America as well as other territories this year.

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