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Welcome to the future of online press release distribution. We transform a regular press release into an influential news story and distribute it to our large network of entertainment professionals, industry influencers and movie fans. If you’re looking to take your business and your clients to the next level and garner credible media coverage through our network, then look no further and see what we have in store for you.


Your news in the hottest apps

When your press release gets published on Film Industry Network it will be featured on our home page and simultaneously syndicated to the world’s most loved news apps with millions of engaged readers. Your press release will also appear in our brand new app on iOS where it will appear in a beautiful native format that is easy to read on an iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can take a screenshot to share with your clients, and even bookmark it in-app for reading later. There's more.


Access a huge community in an instant

Picture yourself on a stage standing in front of 100,000 people waiting to hear you speak. That’s exactly what’s going to happen when your press release gets featured on all our social network groups. With our passionate community of media professionals discussing the latest news stories, it won’t be long before people start talking about your press release, and sharing it with their friends and contacts.


Influencers learning about your brand

After 6 years we’ve established a world renowned brand in the film and entertainment business with thousands of influencers in the film industry reading our news. Your press release will be visible to some of the industry’s biggest names including celebrities, top producers and film directors, giving you exposure to people that other press release services simply can’t do. And that’s just the the tip of the iceberg! Wait until you see what’s coming next.


An editorial upgrade

When you send us your press release, our editorial team doesn’t just copy and paste it for distribution. We read your press release, review it word for word and editorially upgrade it to become an awesome must-read news story people will share. Other press release services only wish they could offer what you're about to get, and there's more.

Beautiful design

With our service your press release gets formatted and placed in our news sections with as many images and videos as you like. We also advise you on best practices to make your press release stand out visually to the reader, unlike the unappealing press releases we're used to seeing on stale press release sites that have no share-ability. Every aspect of your brand, your service or your product will be carefully considered and positioned on Film Industry Network to give it the best look and feel for the reader.


The awesome preview

We will review and upgrade your press release completely free of charge and send you a preview as it would look like on Film Industry Network. Once you’re happy with it, we will then publish it at a time that suits you. If you want it to go live straight away, no problem! In a week’s time? You’re the boss. We've also got something extra special to share with you.


Personal Publicity Advisor

When you get in contact with us, you’ll be connected to a Publicity Advisor who will work with you to make your press release stand out. You’ll have total access via email where you can ask any questions you may have about our service. Oh, and one more thing we nearly forgot.

Select your option

We’ve got two options you can choose from. If you have more than one press release to send you can select our “Unlimited” plan that you can pay monthly if you want to publish several press releases per month. You’ll have complete control over when your press releases are distributed on our network when you choose either option.


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Unlimited Press Releases

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We will soon be raising the price for our unlimited service due to popular demand so make sure you get in contact with us if you want to reserve a month’s worth of press releases at a low price. If you’re still not sure if our service is right for you, why not check out our testimonial section?