Networking at international events and making the most out of your attendance

Networking at international events and making the most out of your attendance


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Businesses looking to gain more customers at events have a number of networking opportunities available to them when they set up a presence and bring a team to meet with other prospective clients. However, aside from networking and the traditional face-to-face opportunities that exist, there are also a number of additional ways in which businesses can make the most out of events.

Event attendance is often a well considered investment in time and resources to promote a business at strategic industry conferences and festivals. From Cannes Lions to the American Film Market, businesses are looking for ways to create more sales opportunities, establish new partnerships and reach more customers with their message.

With events, businesses can strategize their media engagement to get their message across to other organizations who may not be in attendance, but watching closely at home through the latest news and reports. Media strategies that businesses can explore include getting specific messages and product information to prospective buyers and investors through targeted media at those events. It is not always a straightforward process as the media landscape has changed somewhat in recent years. Getting in front of a journalist to speak about a product, upcoming service or even where a company is going can be a difficult task – but the opportunity is there for those companies that know how to leverage their attendance at these events.

Media relations is just one part of the approach when considering how to get the most out of an event. Getting assets such as photography from photocalls and meetings with other prominent business leaders can also provide enormous benefits in the sales process later on. Therefore, businesses need to carefully consider how they will be present at those events, how they will be covered in the media, and what assets they can create in order to be able to benefit from short and longterm sales opportunities.

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