Gulfstream G200


Introducing the Gulfstream G200

Formely called the IAI Galaxy, the Gulfstream G200 is a super mid-sized business jet with a capacity for up to 18 passengers. With a fully equipped galley, and large conference and dining table, the Gulfstream G200 is a preferred choice of private jet charter companies to this day for its large cabin, comfortable seating and excellent all round performance. It matches both luxury with long-range capabilities ensuring that companies can continue to work in-flight and enjoy the full benefits of a lunch or dinner buffet.


Conference table, dining table, galley, lavatory, leather seats, wide-cabin.

Journey Type:

Long range / Intercontinental

Additional specifications:

Range: 3,400 nm / 6,300 km
Passengers: 8-18
Maximum cruising speed: 850 km/h / 528mph
Maximum Altitude: 45,000ft
Manufacturer: Gulfstream Aerospace, Israeli Aircraft Industries

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