Bombardier Learjet 60XR


Introducing the Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Bombardier’s Learjet 60XR pushes the boundaries of speed and efficiency with this newer aircraft model in the series. With an all-round upgrade in comfort, performance and high fuel efficiency, the Learjet 60XR gets people to destinations quickly and provides a wide range of connectivity and gadgets. Private jet charter companies recommend the Learjet 60XR for travellers looking to get speed and flexibility. With increased storage space and a range of utilities, the Learjet 60XR provides a first-class flying experience. Private individuals as well as government frequently charter the Learjet 60XR for its exceptional in-air capabilities.


15,1” seat monitors, 24” rotating flat screen, self service galley, espresso machine, large seats, sofa, portable electronic device interface, microwave, oven, cabin storage

Journey Type:


Additional specifications:

Range: 2405 nm / 4,454 km
Passengers: 8-9
Maximum cruising speed: 863 km/h
Maximum Altitude: 51,000 ft
Manufacturer: Bombardier

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