Zac Efron film sets record for worst studio opening

Zac Efron's latest outing in "We Are Your Friends" has become something of a disaster after it set a new record for being the worst performing wide studio release.

Opening in more than 2000 cinemas, the film averaged a dismal $772 per theater, while earning a mere $1.8m nationally, making it the 4th worst performing release of all time, and the worst performing studio picture ever.

The low budget film about an aspiring DJ pursuing fame failed to get any significant traction and had been projected to earn up to $10m. With an overall budget of around $6 million there was a significant lack in marketing dollars to give it enough attention.

Despite the poor performance, the film received mixed reviews which were not overly negative, giving it a glimmer of chance to gain momentum with word of mouth. Whether Zac Efron fans are now able to lift this film out of the dark appears unlikely given the poor opening and underwhelming response to the film's storyline.

Can low budget studio films really take off if they lack the marketing power or strong enough stories?

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