From youtube to Hollywood, CeeJ inspires 'Justin Bieber' generation

Youtube singer CeeJ (Christine Joy) took her career to new heights when she was signed to the Delfi Music Group label after uploading her home videos. She got the opportunity to record a track for 'Hoodwinked Too!', produced by the Weinstein Company and is now heading for big success.

The animation film, voiced by Hayden Panettiere and Glenn Close includes CeeJ's original song 'Perfect Two'. The young singer who found her passion for music at an early age, decided to upload her cover songs to youtube. Many of today's up and coming talent look to enter the entertainment industry, in the footsteps of others like CeeJ and Justin Bieber, by uploading their videos.

While CeeJ doesn't get 5 million views per video, her songs are enchanting and have touched those who know her. It just goes to show that you don't need millions of viewers to get the chance to break into Hollywood. In reality, there are talent scouts looking at youtube daily from all corners of the industry, and you could be next.

CeeJ continues to upload her music online, and is currently recording her first album. She also would like to collaborate with Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga in the future. Anything is possible from here on out.

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