Younger celebrities like Selena Gomez more prominent at Golden Globes?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used to have an epic impact on the red carpet but it seems younger stars like Selena Gomez and singer Justin Bieber are taking more of the spotlight.

The Brangelina couple is one of the most talked about stories in the entertainment industry. These two iconic stars graced the Golden Globes red carpet this year, but it seems in 2011 they are taking a smaller portion of the attention.

When Justin Bieber took to the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards on Friday, his moustache gag became more important than the event it seemed for many. However nothing can compare to the subject of Award ceremonies themselves.

After a night of good gags and embarrassing speeches, the Golden Globes is afterall a good laugh, and an entertainment thrill for people of all ages (well almost)

Whether younger stars will feature more prominently in the future on the red carpet is unknown, but the youtube generation is slowly overtaking mainstream media so watch out !

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