You know it's serious when SNL doesn't laugh

Saturday Night Live reveals truth

When America's funniest comedy sketch show opens with a sombre tribute to fallen children after a deplorable massacre; you know something is definitely wrong.

This weekend, audiences were treated not to a hilarious, over-the-top intro, but a sombre choir performance opening of the hymn 'Silent Night'.

The song, performed by children from a New York City choir group clearly struck a tone with the SNL audience that revealed an honest truth, and a dark reality. This week's Sandy Hook massacre has shocked the nation once more, but we are now starting to see a clear shift in thinking, and a loud response from the media, entertainment figures, and people of all backgrounds and faiths.

While SNL may be the cornerstone of laughter, sharing this sombre moment is a fitting tribute to those who have suffered a tremendous loss. Everyone is feeling the same sympathy. I don't think any parent or child in America right now can disagree with this respectful opening.

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