X-Men: First Class and movies opening this week

X-Men: First Class has received rave reviews as it reboots the ‘fatigued’ X-Men Franchise this week. Directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring James McAvoy, the new X-Men movie takes place years before the previous movies. McAvoy plays a young Charles Xavier opposite Michael Fassbender who plays Erik. Both are close friends until they develop a feud which leads to the division between the X-Men and the Brotherhood (Magneto).

Can it beat the box office punch of the Hangover 2? Will fans also feel the new prequel will give the X-Men movies a kick in the right direction?

X:Men First Class Trailer

Movies playing at the Cinema

This week, you can also expect to see Martin Sheen at theaters in ‘Beautiful Boy’, a drama that follows a married couple on the verge of divorce when they have to face the horrific news of their own son’s mass shooting rampage at college and subsequent suicidal.

Beautiful Boy Trailer

If that sounds too intense for you, and not Charlie Sheen funny enough, check out The Weinstein Company’s comedy ‘Submarine’ about a 15-year old boy who has two very specific objectives before his next birthday. One, to lose his virginity, and two, break up the relationship between his mother and ex-lover. Is this Oscar material?

Submarine Trailer

For those feeling that none of these 3 fit your appetite, why not check out Ewan McGregor in Focus Features’ ‘Beginners’. A young man faces the grim news that his elderly father has terminal cancer, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, he has a young ‘male lover’.

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