Wyclef Jean to run for president

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti Singer Wyclef Jean will shortly announce his candidacy for president of Haiti, according to the former head of the country's Chamber of Deputies.

At the height of the Haiti disaster earlier this year, Wyclef Jean mobilized people around the world to help in the relief effort. He raised millions of dollars with his charity Yele Haiti and participated in the MTV fundraising Hope for Haiti concert with a whole host of other musicians, TV personalities and movie actors.

The earthquake, which struck Haiti in January killed an estimated 300,000 people and flattened buildings across the country. An international relief effort was immediately launched to bring relief to millions of homeless Haitians and to rescue those trapped in crumbled buildings.

Jean was born just outside of Port-Au-Prince but left as a child and grew up in the US.

All Candidates contending for the presidency are expected to register with the country's electoral council by Saturday. It is reported that Wyclef Jean will make his official announcement on Thursday.

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