Wyclef Jean charity gave $1 million in donations to a ‘ghost’

Wyclef Jean charity 'Yele Haiti' is under fire for having only spent $5.1 million out of $16 million raised in donations for the Haiti disaster. To make matters worse, $1 million was issued to a company in Florida that doesn’t exist.

A recent damming report in the NY Post highlights details related to the charity’s 2010 tax filling, which includes donations to friends and family, such as a $350,000+ transfer to P&A construction, run by the brother of Wyclef Jean’s wife.

After making an international appeal for donations via twitter, and on the MTV Telethon set up by George Clooney, the singer was the face of the disaster in the media and subsequently made a bid to become President of Haiti, which later failed. But this latest report, if based on proper facts, shows a high level of corruption at the Charity and could erode public confidence in Wyclef Jean as an artist despite the fact he left the board in mid 2010.

So what exactly happened at Yele Haiti? Who’s to blame for squandering money and what on earth happened to that $11 million? People reading this who gave money to the charity will surely be fuming to find out how little went to emergency relief efforts.

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