Would you support Alec Baldwin for New York Mayor?

Alec Baldwin 'may' be running for New York City Mayor, but what about the legacy he has left behind?

It is no secret that the Hollywood actor turned political activist is an anti-Republican, and while his movies and TV series continue to run on TV, how will people view him in the race for Mayor?

Baldwin isn't afraid of voicing opinions, and the actor, according to his rep, Matthew Hiltzik, could be giving it serious consideration. On top of that, Baldwin revealed back in January on CNN's Eliot Spitzer his interest to do so, and for the city of New York.

What will New York voters think if he does decide to run? Will he have the momentum Arnold Schwarzenegger did back in 2003 for the Governor race?

Does Hollywood really speak to New York when it comes to politics, or should we leave politicians to run for Mayor?

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