Worldwide short film festival kicks off today

Canada’s biggest short film festival starts today with several highly anticipated movies playing at the festival including Rachel Weisz’ directorial debut.

A record amount of submissions were received from all around the world amounting to 4200 entries, which include live action shorts and experimental films.

With the growth of the short film market and the low cost of digital filmmaking equipment, the format is set to continue its upward spiral.

Film festivals like the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto provide an outlet for talented filmmakers to show off their creations, and mix it with a bit of glamour.

From Rachel Weisz to Oscar winning Colin Firth and Keira Knightley, many big names feature in these indie short movies.

The festival also provides an additional boost to filmmakers as it is accredited to the Oscars, and films are eligible to enter the 2012 nominations race.

Are you in Toronto to see some short films?

Useful information:

Worldwide Short Film Festival (May 31st to June 5th)

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