Worldwide box office : Dark Knight Rises dominates

Dark Knight rises goes major

The Dark Knight Rises has successfully dominated the international box office for the past few weeks and continues to spiral.

Numbers out today reveal that the 'Dark Knight Rises' has now earned a total of $733 million globally at the box office putting it past 'The Amazing Spider-Man' for the first time.

Domestically 'The Dark Knight Rises' remained at the top of the box office with a $36 million haul, which puts its U.S total at $354.6 million, a truly outstanding figure. This will come as a relief after a bitter start scared many cinema viewers away and it was estimated it would have cost millions in lost revenue. However the knock-on effect of the Batman shootings may have created additional publicity for the movie outside America.

This week's top 5 at the worldwide box office

  • Dark Knight Rises : $733 million
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift : $718.8 million
  • Amazing Spider-man : $677.7 million
  • Madagascar 3 : $522.8 million
  • Brave : 341.3 million

Source Rentrak

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