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Women are now getting 'banned' on the red carpet at Cannes

It looks like the Cannes Film Festival may have gone too far in preventing women with flat shoes from walking the red carpet.

Even worse, the festival is being accused of preventing a group of women in their 50s, some with medical conditions, from accessing the red carpet due to the strict shoe policy.

Last week the festival's director declared that selfies were, "Ridiculous and grotesque," but failed to enforce a ban. However today's revelation from Screendaily about the red carpet restrictions have been badly received. British actress Emily Blunt was highly critical while journalists and bloggers also laid into the festival for its "draconian ways."

On a lighter note, it has been reported that several Hollywood actors are going to stand in solidarity with those who were turned away from walking up the steps to the Palais. Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro are among the actors preparing to walk with high heels for their evening premiere.

Should the Cannes Film Festival downgrade its heels only policy? After all, if men can walk up the carpet with white trainers, surely this isn't fair.

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