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'The Wolf of Wall Street' banned in Nepal, censored in India, Singapore


Wolf of Wall Street censored

Martin Scorcese's 'Wolf of Wall Street' has caused an uproar in Asia as censor boards in India, Singapore and Nepal have made drastic cuts to some of the film's controversial scenes.

The Nepal Censor Board went a step further and decided to ban the film completely, forcing local distributors to apologize to their customers who had been waiting to see the movie.

"....Due to Vulgarity, Censor chairman Umakanta Parajuli said. Nepal is orthodox regarding vulgarity."

- Bisnu Sharma, Editor in Chief Merocinema

Over in Singapore, fans of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' starring Leonardo DiCaprio are calling for a total boycott of the film, not because of the film's 'inappropriate scenes', but to pressure film censors to preserve the original version, after the film faced a 4-minute edit.

Indian censors also made a brutal 6-minute cut of the film which came out last week that reduced its length to 174 minutes. Scenes taken out of the film included female nudity and "inappropriate dialogue."

While 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' has divided some critics, audiences have given the film an astounding 9/10 on most review platforms, and could be this year's most talked about film.

The Wolf of Wall Street

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