WME's John Fogelman to work with J.J. Abrams outside the agency?

High powered William Morris Endeavor agent John Fogelman is set to leave the agency soon but what will happen to his movie clients J.J. Abrams and Michael Bay?

Both movie directors are in the top Hollywood earning spot for their super blockbuster outings, however Fogelman is not abandoning them because of an untold feud.

Instead, the WME agent is taking his game higher and working to make J.J. Abrams the next movie Oprah with a new media venture along with Bad Robot Company.

John Fogelman has well established connections throughout the entertainment industry, and some have called him The Architect of Hasbro s intellectual property deal with Universal Pictures. With John Fogelman s agent star power and deal making, he was reportedly earning $50 million a year in commissions for WME.

Whether the rumours are true or not depend on how secure the deal is between Fogelman and his new partners, that will allow him to step down from WME.

J.J. Abrams and Michael Bay are surely in good hands whatever the outcome.

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