William Shatner will make it to Leonard Nimoy's funeral - UPDATE

It has been reported in the last few minutes that William Shatner has touched down at LAX just in time to attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral.

Star Trek fans had been praying that the man who led the series into the unknown would be by Spock's side today to honor his career and friendship for more than 50 years.

Fans can only be reminded of the heart-wrenching scene in 'The Wrath of Khan', where Captain Kirk gives a speech as Spock is ejected into outer-space after sacrificing himself to save the Enterprise.

The idea that Shanter wouldn't be able to make it in reality was unimaginable and a flurry of messages urged people to donate a jet to get Shatner over to LA to be there. It looks like he's had that deal but we can't independently verify whether Shatner paid for the flight or whether he was bailed out. (If you guys know, we will be issuing a message of gratitude to that individual).

Leonard Nimoy died at his home on Friday at the age of 83. These were his final words:

UPDATE: According to NY Daily News Shatner did not make it in time for the ceremony despite flying back to LA. Shatner made no comment as he arrived but it was later reported that the funeral had taken place earlier in the morning before he landed.

Shatner has just made a statement on his Twitter saying he will do a live tweet session later today.

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