William Shatner releases 'epic' preview video but…


William Shatner in 'Something Happened' video

William Shatner : Something Extraordinary

Cult 'Star Trek' actor William Shatner has released an epic video preview that promises something, but we're not sure quite what.

Shatner revealed the video to his 1.2 million Twitter fans this past hour asking:

"Have you seen this video yet ?!"

Yes we have, but all it does it leave us with questions. Why? For who? For what? Was this a joke? Are we being led into a dark chamber? Will this office suddenly explode or perhaps there is a deadly virus contained in a jar that may have just spilled?...(see video below)

In the opening of the preview, the video centres on busy office workers at the 'William Shatner Global Headquarters'. All of a sudden, an earthquake like eruption takes place (although purely audio) and it feels like a gorilla suddenly takes hold of the camera. It's all a bit random. One of the office workers shouts:

"Yo, what is happening!"

And with more confusion, the team leader runs to Shatner's closed office and says:

"Mr Shatner, what is happening?

He swivels on his chair, dressed in a black and purple shirt and says:

"Something extraordinary is coming…."

Fade to black (oh there is a link to his website) Can anyone guess what this is about?

William Shatner : Something is about to happen video

For more details check out the official William Shatner website.

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