Will the film industry invest in the new Coinye West currency?

Kanye West inspired currency a hit

You've heard of Bitcoin by now, but what about the Kanye West inspired alternative that is set to challenge the dominating digital currency?

Meet the Bitcoin alter-ego 'Coinye West', which is getting a lot of attention already for its obvious homage to none other than Kanye West. Users interested in the new digital currency, the world's first (but surely not last) celebrity inspired digi-coin can check out some ridiculous / over-the-top images on the official website that includes a background montage of dogs and other "gangsta" like references.

According to the official site, there will be a finite number in digital circulation numbering 133,333,333,333.

The cryptocurrency is scheduled for worldwide domination on January 11th but it is not clear whether Kanye West himself will give it two thumbs up (or down). In fact, there could be quite a storm of controversy if this coin is released as West may decide to take legal action if he feels it represents him in a bad way. Although, from our perspective, having a currency launched in your name is quite exciting.

What the team behind Coinye West are saying :

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