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Will the Death Star Petition end there?


Star Wars fans Death Star plans rejected

The White House has responded to a petition which called for the construction of a Death Star, featured in Star Wars.

With over 34,000 people asking the U.S Government to build a Death Star to create jobs the U.S administration responded with a light hearted, humorous announcement via the official Petition website.

As the plans for the construction of a fully working Death Star have been abruptly scrapped, will Star Wars fans give up, or do they have other ways to make sure this construction is finally built?

The cost estimate for building a Death Star is estimated at around $850 quadrillion dollars, which far exceeds Earth's global output of around $1 to $1.5 quadrillion. If the resources of the U.S Military, NASA and all other sectors were pulled together to begin construction of a Death Star, it would not be completed in our lifetime.

Although a full-size Death Star "may not be necessary", as technology advances, fans could envisage creating smaller prototypes for planet invasions and destruction. George Lucas could also be part of that momentum, providing key insight into how the Death Star should be designed. After all, getting a proper blueprint is going to take some time. It's not over yet..

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