Will Smith predicts huge success for Justin Bieber in Never Say Never

Its not every day you get a big endorsement from Will Smith, but Justin Bieber s Never Say Never premiere gave him yet another boost toward the spotlight.

Will Smith has been guiding Bieber and is planning to put together a film project with the young star in the near future. Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber are close friends, and the two could be an onscreen duo, although until now, there is no confirmation of any project.

The Karate Kid was a huge success for Jaden and gives him an edge at the box office, where Justin could also become part of the Hollywood machine. Whilst Never Say Never is a documentary project about Bieber s rise to fame, it could be one of the biggest grossing documentaries of the year.

On top of that, with over a billion youtube views, and millions of fans, Bieber has a huge following that makes this no doubt an instant hit. Will Never Say Never inspire others to follow suit?

JustinBieber tweets about Will Smith : When Will Smith looks at you and says "I know movies and that's a hit movie" u just feel good. What a night. No words other than #thankyou

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