Will Smith dead and Tupac alive 'news' goes viral

Rumours have circulated today around the apparent death of Will Smith, and resurrection of Tupac.

Both completely false and ridiculous, each story has gone viral in a matter of hours showing how the power of social networks and blogs are fueling web search and ‘fake news'.

Inadvertently PBS became the most recent victim of an internet hoax when a false news story suggested Tupac Shakur was alive and living in New Zealand. The reputation of the site gave credibility to the article which was shared by millions in a matter of hours.

A group known on the web as ‘The Lulz Boat’ was behind the attack with a carefully crafted release pretending that family members had also been quoted by reporters, confirming it :

Fake news death hoax :

"Prominent rapper Tupac has been found alive and well in a small resort in New Zealand, locals report," began the post. "The small town - unnamed due to security risks - allegedly housed Tupac and Biggie Smalls (another rapper) for several years”

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