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Will Smith creates a billion dollar industry

Will Smith is Hollywood's biggest star and packs a punch at the box office around the world, but how has he impacted the film industry as a whole?

Will Smith's films have grossed more than $5 billion worldwide with smash hit after the next, including The Karate Kid remake, which he produced. His star power has changed the lives of millions through the success of his movies and as a consequence, he has a big influence on the industry as a whole. What sets him apart from others is his ability to conceptualize ideas that have not yet been proven and to deliver them.

Often people struggle to overcome obstacles that are so omnipresent in every corner of the industry, but Smith takes these as challenges and builds momentum to push through, studying and learning the patterns. The consequence of his actions have literally created a billion dollar industry, where his image and the way we perceive him, have inspired a desire for people to work with him to bring forth his vision and to watch him on screen.

The film industry involves many facets from pre-production to the final DVD, and therefore any successful film from its early funding stage affects a large group of people. A box office smash will often fuel a whole range of sequels, ventures and other investments that in turn employ another large portion of the industry once more to get creative.

Smith s success is no accident, and hasn't come about through connections, nor a string of good luck. He has the ability to convince himself that he can do whatever he puts focus towards. The result of his actions in this case have created his world that he desires, and the industry is very thankful, so to is his family, the most important part of his life.

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