Will Dumbo take audiences by surprise?


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Directed by Tim Burton, Disney’s latest animated remake of 1941 classic “Dumbo” has received a mixed reception ahead of its release later this week.

Film critics on Rotten Tomatoes were 50/50 on the film with some calling it “pointless” and without “enough story to sustain the live-action” while others have praised Tim Burton’s direction as “his best family movie in ages” according to the latest reviews.

The film expands on the story of “dumbo” in a live-action adventure setting and stars Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Michael Keaton and Alan Arkin. The soundtrack for the film is also produced by legendary composer Danny Elfman.

With its award-winning cast and the unique talents of Tim Burton, Disney’s latest film may yet prove to be an audience favorite. The classic remake of “Dumbo” into a live-action film has been in the making for 5 years, and was originally announced back in 2014.

The film has an estimated $50 million budget and was originally going to feature Will Smith in a leading role, but the actor was unable to commit to the project, however he will be starring in the upcoming, and controversial biopic of Serena and Venus Williams' father. A number of other actors also passed on the film in the early stages of the casting including Chris Pine (Star Trek).

Official Dumbo Trailer

“Dumbo” tells the story of a young elephant who has large ears that allow him to fly and with his unique talents he’s able to save a struggling circus - but all is not what it appears when the circus plans its new venture, and a dark secret is uncovered.

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