Will Dr Dre take on Kanye West as a filmmaker in 2011?

Dr Dre's Detox is just around the corner but who can forget Kanye West's epic comeback as a filmmaker with music video Runaway . The 30-minute musical got him international respect, took music in different direction, and invented something new.

Will Dr Dre have something in store for us 10 years after his last album and can he stay on top of the game musically and visually?

Fans got a taste a few weeks back with Kush featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon in a bling bling, slow motion, thrill ride, that brought with it, a high expectation.

Dr Dre, the filmmaker

Dr Dre has teamed up with the world s best directors, and made some   epic music videos in the past including East Coast, West Coast Killas featuring KRS One, Nas and Cypress Hill. But one we can t forget is the California Love video with 2 pac, a massive production, to the style of Mel Gibson s Mad Max meets rap bling, and featuring a cameo of Chris Tucker, who later became one of Hollywood s biggest stars.

While Kanye West made an epic musical in his first outing as a film director, will Dre, Snoop or Eminem for that matter do anything similar, and take music videos to a new level? Let's see what happens

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