Will controversy help Brad Pitt and Lars Von Trier succeed?

Does controversy get the word out faster when a movie such as ‘The Tree of Life’ starring Brad Pitt divides critics or when Lars Von Trier salutes Hitler?

Both are two very different ‘media events’ but each has its own debate and hype. The relatively small and arty outing for Brad Pitt in ‘The Tree Of Life’ was an intriguing addition to this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Not that we didn’t expect it (since Brad is practically a Cannes resident now), but the fact that it drew boos and cheers at the festival got us talking.

However, when it comes to Lars Von Trier’s crazy Hitler comments, the buzz surrounding his poor choice of words forced the festival to ‘throw him out into the desert’. Well, for Melancholia, the hype might encourage movie goers check it out in order to understand the mind of Lars Von Trier.

In my view, controversy can be good, if it doesn’t degrade the people who are being spoken about, professionally or personally.

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